Music Education Program



State Award Winner for Excellence in Music Education at the 2015 APRA Art Music Awards, Topology’s Top Up music education program enriches the musical journeys of thousands of young people, their teachers and communities around Australia each year.

Top Up brings together professional and young musicians to explore, create and perform music in their community for their community. In addition to supporting teachers’ delivery of the Australian curriculum, Topology’s artists are able to tailor workshops to suit teachers’ individual classroom needs. Individually and collectively, the musicians possess world-class expertise and qualifications in the ‘hard to teach’ areas of composition and improvisation. Twenty years’ additional experience as award-winning performers gives the organisation an additional ability to deliver best practice, practical ‘real world’ advice to enhance performance, stage-craft and production for the schools and communities they take great joy in working with.

Topology operates with a strong social conscience. They believe ‘anyone and everyone’ – no matter what age, skill level or musical genre interests – should have access to quality, affordable music education experiences and programs. The organisation further strives to break down geographical barriers, delivering their program to young musicians in both metropolitan as well as regional and remote areas around Australia and further afield.



Here’s a sneak peek into some of the extraordinary young composers in North Queensland who created 15 new works to celebrate the beautiful corner where they live.


To find out more about how Topology can enhance your students’ music education journey, please contact Education Director Christa Powell on 07 3254 1492 or email