Pop filtered through twisted musical minds

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Topology will launch their 14th full-length album at the recently opened arts sanctuary in West End, House Conspiracy, as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

In Tortured Remixes, popular melodies are filtered through the creative minds of Topology’s composers, John Babbage, Robert Davidson and Bernard Hoey. The result: iconic tunes stretched, bent and scrambled (almost) beyond recognition, then reassembled into adventurous new works.

Featuring tortured reconstructions of The Saints, MC Hammer, The Beatles, Stevie Wright, Beyonce, Cold Chisel and many more, it’s the 60’s to the present like you’ve never heard them before.

Event details

Thu-Fri 11-12 May (Doors at 7pm for 7:30pm start)

House Conspiracy – 42 Mollison St, West End


$20 Early Bird tickets till Fri 31 Mar only.


About the venue

House Conspiracy is a contemporary arts space focused on empowering artists. Once the residence of a Brisbanite who refused to sell her home to corporate developers, the house is now a refuge for artists – a place for them to connect, collaborate and create. The one rule is this: each artist must leave a physical mark on the space, changing it in some way, no matter the medium they work in. It’s a house transformed into a living artwork.

You can read more about the history of the space here.




Join us in a new series of intimate music encounters that we’re calling Topology Up Close.


This is the 3rd in the Up Close series. Topology will take audiences on a musical journey of twisted nostalgia, expanding further into their foray of tortured covers and EVEN MORE brand new pieces that the composers have been cooking up.

In 1997, Topology emerged through a shared fascination for contemporary and pop music, re-imagining popular anthems and developing a creative space for our distinct combo of strings, piano and saxophone.

In this concert series, we’re going back to our roots – getting up close and personal with our audiences, sharing back stories and inspirations, premiering our latest experiments and digging up favourites from our repertoire which is now 20 years in the making (and counting).