Signature Works


A single, continuous one-hour journey of original music brought to life through theatrical staging. Derived from the Artists’ diverse backgrounds in chamber music, progressive rock, jazz and indie music, TEN HANDS presents individual voices intermingled into one, sinewy whole. The result is powerful, moving, playful, and meditative, taking listeners through an emotional landscape of symphonic proportions. Ten hands, five minds, working together as one.



Portraying fictional characters while playing intricate, original music, Topology explores an unprecedented mode of performance fusing theatre and music – a wordless narrative conveyed through virtuosic instrumentation. In SHARE HOUSE, the musicians depict five dysfunctional bandmates sharing a dishevelled flat and interwoven life; full of warmth, fun and unrequited love. The only things they own of value are their instruments and they use their music to escape the squalor – but they can’t ignore it forever.



OCEAN’S SKIN is a true, cross-discipline collaboration where world-class music and dance become one to equally share the spotlight. The work is the creation of John Babbage and US choreographer Heidi Duckler, renowned for innovative site-specific works in non-traditional spaces. The piece reflects their fascination with the sounds and life-forms of the heavens and the seas.