A compilation that meditatively traverses the last, or rather, the first 20 years of Topology. 20 tracks handpicked from 20 years of repertoire. The music maps a journey of career highlights, fan favourites, key collaborations, pieces from deep in the archives that haven’t been performed since release, and a few unreleased tracks including a LIVE recording of Lost At Sea from a 2011 performance of Expressions Dance Company’s “R&J” and the first physical release of Evolution from Dead Puppet Society’s “Argus”.




  • –  2x CDs, each with 10 tracks


  • –  mp3 digital download


  • –  20-page booklet filled with Topology memories


  • –  200mm tin casing with laser cut foam and screen printing


  • –  each unit is numbered an autographed by the artists


  • –  tracks assembled and remastered by Geoff McGahan


  • –  photography by Matt Fryer and Daniele Milazzo


  • –  graphic design by Lovehate Design


Delivery will commence on 2 December 2017.


Preview the tracks:

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