Topology and Friends

Topology and Friends

Topology and Friends



Celebrating the prolific arts scene in Redlands, Topology and Redland Performing Arts Centre present Topology & Friends, showcasing artists from this vibrant community. From young emerging composers to established folk musicians, this event celebrates the creativity and diversity of the Redlands Coast.


Featuring: Black Square String Quartet, Folk Redlands, Exaudi Australis, Cleveland District State High School, Coolnwynpin State School, Composers from Redlands College

Plus solo artists from Redlands, Brisbane, and Darwin: Francesca Brzoskowski, Sam Carrick, Momo Hamada, Max Higgins, Isabella Lauf, Ray Lin, & Georgie Taylor


Sunday 10 November 2019 – 3:00pm

Redland Performing Arts Centre

2-16 Middle Street, Cleveland QLD

Event and Ticket Info: Redland Performing Arts Centre