Topology Releases Concept Album, ‘We Will Rise’

Topology Releases Concept Album, 'We Will Rise'


Wednesday 27 May 2020


Topology releases concept album, ‘We Will Rise’ reflecting upon the need for resilience, collective recovery and healing amidst world existential threats.

Aria-nominated and internationally regarded quintet Topology, established leaders of musical creativity in Australia, operating successfully out of Brisbane for over two decades, will digitally release their 16th album We Will Rise, Friday 19 at 7pm, 2020 AEST. The 10-track concept EP, especially curated from back catalogue signature compositions, reflects Topology artists’ contemporary concerns.¬†We Will Rise¬†has thematic links to the existential threat of climate disruption and the need for strength, hope, fortitude and resilience in order for recovery and collective healing to commence on the back of traumatic natural events and a global viral pandemic.


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Topology Releases Concept Album, We Will Rise

Update (19 June): Media Release: Topology Releases 16th Album today

Media Release: Topology Releases 16th Album Today