In-Class Workshops


Topology offers in-class workshops that deliver on Australian Curriculum unit requirements in the areas of:

  • composition
  • improvisation
  • performance (strings, brass, percussion, band)
  • professional development for teachers

Topology’s artists can visit individually or as a group, from a one-off one-hour session to half or whole days, or a series of workshops over a few weeks or longer.

These programs are delivered within class times to suit individual teacher and classroom needs and schedules.


To a rural Music Teacher, this is like winning the lottery.

Jane Iszlaub, St Mary’s Catholic College, Kingaroy


QLD and NT schools that:

  • are located in areas considered regional or remote
  • have an ICSEA score below 1000

are eligible for fully-funded Top Up programs and incur no cost to the school or students. Contact us to find out more about this offer and how your school can benefit from Top Up.


They made such a difference to our teaching year, it’s fantastic. And it’s great PD as well. I’ve used the content from their improvisation workshop 20 times since.

Stephanie Grenning, Trinity Bay College, Cairns

Download the Top Up Brochure.  More info: Christa Powell on 07 3300 1222 | or send a booking inquiry HERE.