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Topology’s Top Up Program brings together professional and young musicians to explore, create and perform new music. In addition to supporting teachers’ delivery of the Australian Curriculum, Topology offers composition workshops, instrumental lessons, performance opportunities and professional development for teachers.

Each program is highly tailored and delivered by Topology’s in-house artists and/or our hand-picked pool of diverse instructors. Schools can avail of 2 kinds of workshop programs: our Creative Program and our Instrumental Program.


Interested in a Top Up Program? Submit an EOI here:   Top Up Online – Expression of Interest



Composition / Performance

The Top Up Creative Program, unique to Topology, empowers young people to create and perform their own original music. The program consists of composition, improvisation and songwriting workshops over a series of visits, with Topology guiding and collaborating with students to compose new works in any genre of music. Where possible, these works are then featured at a culminating concert in the host community or school.

Our Artist: John Babbage

A founding member of Topology, John has been composing, performing and teaching for over 30 years, toured Australia, Europe, the US, Canada, India, Singapore and Indonesia, released 15 albums, and has received radio and television airplay for his music worldwide. In addition to award-winning work for Topology, John is also a sought-after composer by music, theatre, and dance companies across Australia and internationally. He is the driving force in Topology’s Top Up program, delivering his expertise and enthusiasm to over 200 regional communities and schools since 2001.


“I’ve learned that little people like us can write songs as well.”

Queen, Wagaman Primary School – Wagaman, NT



Strings / Percussion / Band (& More)

The Top Up Instrumental Program offers workshops that deliver on Australian Curriculum requirements (and more!) in the areas of performance and improvisation. In consultation with schools, artists can deliver workshops individually or as a group, from one-hour sessions to half/whole days, or a series of workshops over a school term or longer. Programs are highly tailored to suit individual school needs in terms of workshop content, scope and duration. Teachers are encouraged to discuss their options to get the most out of their program.

Our Artists: 

Topology has a diverse pool of instrumental educators to instruct and inspire your students, including (but not limited to):

  • John Babbage (brass, wind, band)
  • Louise King (cello)
  • Andrew Maddick (violin)
  • Christa Powell (violin)
  • Sonia Wilson (violin)
  • Bethan Lewis (viola)
  • Toby Loveland (guitar, ukulele)
  • Thomas Green (electronic/gaming music composer)
  • Grant Collins (drums)

  • Andrew Johnson (bass, trumpet & music technology)
  • Elli Welsh (piano)
  • Robert Davidson (bass, guitar)

To find out a little bit more about our artists, you can have a read of their biographies below.

Top Up Instructors

“To a rural Music Teacher, this is like winning the lottery.”
Jane Iszlaub, St Mary’s Catholic College – Kingaroy, QLD



Costs may vary depending on the length, scope, and number of sessions requested, but we are committed to making this program accessible to all. We also aim to provide continued employment opportunities for the artists in our pool of instructors, whose livelihoods have been greatly affected by the recent crisis. We will endeavour to strike a balance here, and encourage consultation with our team regarding concerns in this area.

Top Up is also supported by Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and Arts Queensland, affording subsidies (and in some cases extending no cost) to regional schools and communities in QLD and NT. Upon review of the EOIs, applicants will be notified on the subsidies they are eligible for.


Interested in a Top Up Program? Submit an EOI here:   Top Up Online – Expression of Interest


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