New Music in Schools


This special program brings together professional and young musicians to explore, create and perform music in their community for their community.

Over a minimum of 2 months of repeat visits, Topology conducts composition workshops in schools with the artists working closely with students and teachers to compose new pieces. These works are then featured at a public concert in the host community or school. Where possible, instrumental students are encouraged to perform with Topology on stage.

These programs are delivered within class times to suit individual teacher and classroom needs and schedules.


I learned that little people like us can write songs as well.

Queen, student at Wagaman Primary School – Wagaman, NT


QLD and NT schools that:

  • are located in areas considered regional or remote
  • have an ICSEA score below 1000

are eligible for fully-funded Top Up programs and incur no cost to the school or students. Contact us to find out more about this offer and how your school can benefit from Top Up.

Giving them a chance to realise their creative potential was a lovely thing to see. To perform music written by their peers rather than by someone they don’t know.

Karen Stewart, teacher at Tully State High School – Tully, QLD



Here’s a sneak peek into some of the extraordinary young composers in North Queensland who created 15 new works to celebrate the beautiful corner where they live.

Download the Top Up Brochure More info: Christa Powell on 07 3300 1222 | or send a booking inquiry HERE.